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Climate Change Action

In our effort to strengthen and elevate action on climate change, the funding in this area is designed to promote increased understanding of the climate crisis in India and to explore possible action and responses to it. We invite high-quality proposals that examine significant questions of public concern in the following areas:

  1. Climate change education and outreach
  2. Climate change policy and action
  3. Climate change adaptation and mitigation

While we are open to any broad consideration within the area of climate action, proposals that focus on other aspects of sustainability, such as pollution, waste and ecology without establishing a strong link to climate change will not be considered. Proposals should be empirically grounded and be able to directly inform and engage with education and outreach, policy or practice. Successful projects must have a strong component of action in some form; projects that are solely research-focused will not be considered in this call. Collaborative research applications are encouraged.

Research Funding budget: INR 5-10 lakhs
Duration of project: 1 year

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