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Ramchandar Krishnamurthy

Email: [email protected]

Ramchandar Krishnamurthy has degrees in Accounting, Computer Applications and Education. His current interests are in quantitative reasoning using computer programs, reasoning and argumentation and developing socio-philosophical perspectives in school education. Ram worked in the Information and Technology industry for 13 years and then worked as a school teacher for 4 years before joining the University.

Academic Qualifications
  • M.A. in Education (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai)
  • Masters in Computer Applications (Department of Computer Science, University of Pune)
  • Associate of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, India.
  • Bachelors in Commerce (University of Madras, Chennai)
Teaching Interests
  • Quantitative Reasoning – The course would engage with mathematical models and applying these models to analyze practical challenges. Use of the computer and computer programming techniques would be encouraged in this course
  • Logic, Reasoning and Argumentation – This course would encourage students to analyze and construct good arguments and avoid common and tempting mistakes in reasoning.
  • Socio-Philosophical Perspectives in Education – This course explores the philosophical and socio-political perspectives on education. Students are invited to critically reflect on their commonly held beliefs regarding the nature and purpose of education and examine the role of social factors in shaping the contours of school education.
  • Introduction to Computer Programming – “The spread of computers and internet will put people in two categories: People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do” – Marc Andreesen. This course would enable students to tell computers what to do.
Current Research

Using quantitative techniques in Literacy Research in Indian Languages.

Publications and Writings
  • Bureaucratic activism and radical school change in Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Educational Change, February 2013, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 29-50
  • Movement Actors in the Education Bureaucracy: The Figured World of Activity Based Learning in Tamil Nadu, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Volume 45, Issue 2, pp 148-166, June 2014
  • செயல்வழி கற்றல் உருவானது எப்படி? புரட்சி அல்ல இது: பரிணாம வளர்ச்சி, August 13, 2010, Dinamalar.
  • Performance Evaluation of J2EE Applications, US Patent # 20080133212
  • Business to Business integration software as a service, US Patent # 8046441

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