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Rahul De

Email: [email protected]

Rahul De is an Assistant Professor in economics at the School of Arts and Sciences. He has received his PhD in economics from the University of Hyderabad. His PhD thesis studies the history of capitalist development in India since independence. Having grown up in the nineties, Rahul experienced some of the drastic transformations that the Indian economy went through post-liberalization in 1991, which include the introduction of private television channels, internet, cell phones and malls. Life in the 1990's was vastly different from everyday life for his parents' generation in the 1960's and 1970's. His research is oriented towards understanding how these changes came about and what are its socio-political-economic consequences.

Having done his education in economics from Delhi (B.A) and University of Hyderabad (MA, Mphil, PhD candidate), he found his classroom education insufficient to understand contemporary India. This motivated him to become a teacher to ensure that students gain a more wholesome understanding of economic theory and how it can be used to understand the world around them.

Academic qualifications
  • PhD Economics
  • Mphil Economics
  • MA Economics
  • BA Economics
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Understanding India 2: Who is an Indian
  • Political Economy
  • Indian economy
  • Survey of World Economic History
  • Economics and Ethics
Areas of interest
  • Political Economy
  • Labor Economics
  • Capitalism and Crisis
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture Studies
Research Interests
  • Capitalism in India
  • Informal labor processes
  • Role of state in the economy
  • Political economy of the mass media
Publications and Writings

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