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Madhuri Ramesh

Email: [email protected]

Madhuri Ramesh works on nature-society relations in coastal spaces and is interested in inclusive, interdisciplinary approaches to conservation and sustainability. She began by studying the ecology of rare reptiles but with field experience, became interested in political ecology. Hence her recent work weaves together strands from the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities. Her research has spanned diverse landscapes ranging from hill forests in the Western Ghats to arid grasslands in the Thar desert and densely inhabited islands in the Bay of Bengal. She has also taught in a school, worked as a copy editor and managed projects in a commune. All of these experiences have enriched her worldview and research practices.

Academic Qualifications
  • PhD Conservation science and sustainability studies, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment & Manipal Academy of Higher Education (2018)
  • MS Ecology, Pondicherry University (2003)
  • BSc Zoology, Madras University (2000)
Areas of Interest

Nature-society relations, conservation and development, environmental subject-making (including policy and education).

Research Interests

Political ecology, biodiversity conservation, pluralistic resource management, sustainable interventions.

Publications and Writings
Research Articles (Published) Books:
  • Ramesh, M. and Chandi, M. 2017. Walking is a way of knowing: In a Kadar forest. Tara Books, Chennai.
  • Chandi, M. and Ramesh, M. 2017. Speaking to an elephant and other tales from the Kadar. Tara Books, Chennai.
Outreach articles:
  • Bijoor, S., Ramesh, M. and Sharma, D. 2019. Why is marine conservation still an uncharted zone? Mongabay-India (June12, 2019).
  • Sharma, D., Ramesh, M. and Bijoor, S. 2018. Development in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: for tourism or by tourism? Andaman Chronicle (Oct 5, 2018).
  • Ramesh, M. and Shanker, K. 2018. Turtle and I. Current Conservation 12.4
  • Ramesh, M. 2018. Tracking tortoises. Current Conservation 12.3.
  • Shanker, K. and Ramesh, M. 2017. Turtle song. Current Conservation 11.2.
On-going Projects

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