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Kripa Gowrishankar

Email: [email protected]

Kripa has a Bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Madras and a Master’s degree from IIT, Madras. She did her PhD at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, broadly in the growing interdisciplinary area of physics in biology, and specifically on mathematical modelling of physical forces on the eukaryotic cell surface. She particularly enjoys the collaborative nature of work in this area and learned a lot about biology and experimentation from her peers. During her post doctoral work at University of California in Davis, she worked on self organization of spindles during cell division. She is interested in undergraduate teaching and research, because she believes that students of that age are highly enthusiastic, sharp and observant, but are not given enough opportunities in the prevailing education system. She would like to develop classroom demonstrations and involve students in simple research projects that are both highly educational and that could contribute to scientific research. Her research interests are broadly in the area of Physics in Biology, Statistical Mechanics and Physics Education.

She enjoys singing and listening to carnatic music, creating music with friends and travelling on a shoestring budget.

Academic Qualifications


Click here to listen to Kripa Gowrishankar talking about areas of interest and current research work.

Publications and Writings

1. "Nanoclusters of GPI Anchored Proteins are formed by Cortical Actin Driven Activity", Cell, 135, 1-13 (2008)
Goswami D, Gowrishankar K, Bilgrami S, Ghosh S, Raghupathy R, Chadda R, Vishwakarma R, Rao M and Mayor
2. "Active remodeling of cortical actin regulates spatiotemporal organization of cell surface molecules" Cell,149,1353-1367 (2012); Previewed in Developmental Cell. Gowrishankar K, Ghosh S, Mayor S and Rao M
3. "Spatiotemporal regulation of chemical reactions by active cytoskeletal remodelling" PNAS, 108, 14825-14830 (2011) Chaudhuri A, Bhattacharya B, Gowrishankar K, Mayor S and Rao M.
4. "Nonequilibrium phase transitions in active contractile polar filaments", Gowrishankar K and Rao M

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