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Jane Sahi


Jane Sahi has been working in the area of education for the last 38 years. She was born in England moved to India in 1968 in search of a deeper understanding of Gandhiji's life and values. She met a number of individuals who helped shape her perspective and ideals. Gandhiji continues to be to a strong source of inspiration, in particular, his vision and theory of basic education 'which is rooted in the soil both literally and figuratively.' In 2000 she wrote a book entitled 'Education and Peace'.

In 1975, she started Sita School, an alternative school that tries to help each child reach its potential through holistic, child centric education. The school has an emphasis on learning through art. Involvement in the school has been the basis for Jane's work.

Jane has conducted a number of workshops on language teaching for the Centre for Learning, Bangalore, Teacher Foundation, Regional Institute of English, Bangalore, PSS, Phaltan and Kiran Centre, Varanasi and Ashram Shala Schools in Chamrajnagar. She has been actively involved in the Alternative School Network, an informal group of individuals working in the field of education, for almost two decades now.


Since 2006, she has been one of the visiting faculty of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) for their course in First Language Pedagogy for the M.A. in Education (Elementary) program. In 2007, she was involved in the NCERT's endeavor to include Peace Studies in the curriculum.

Publications and Writings

More recently, Jane has been involved in writing a series of books for children and teachers, 'Everyday English' which is an effort to make English accessible for children in rural areas. The Maharashtra government has been using these books for children in standards five to seven of the ZillaParishad schools in PhaltanTaluka. She is presently working on a book, 'In Our Own Words' which is about how to support children to write independently. She was part of the team of the Vidyankura Quality Education Project, Chamrajnagar District, Karnataka to promote art as part of the curriculum in Government Primary Schools and in 2006 published "Learning Through Art", a resource book for teachers.

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