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Field Engagement

The field engagement, comprising 11 credits, will have two components: Law and Policy Hub and internships.

Law and Policy Hub:

Four of the 11 credits will come from Law and Policy Hub projects which students will undertake across the first two semesters including the first semester break. Through the hub projects students will learn to identify and understand a real-world public problem according to a theoretically-informed protocol. The objective of this unit is to provide students with sufficient and systematic immersive exposure to the nature of public problems and the sites of public problems, which would include both institutions of the state and points of interface between the citizens and public institutions. Having got their exposure to the site of public policy students will also identify and understand a real-world policy intervention and study it in-depth. This is expected build their understanding of how policy interventions work in the real-world situations.


In the second year, students will do two rounds of internships. The six-week-long first internship is during the summer break and will account for 3 credits. This internship will be in a range of organisations which work on policy and governance issues. The students will choose their organisations in consultation with the field co-ordinators from SPG and the field team of the University. The field co-ordinator will work with the organisations to ensure that the students get to work on specific tasks so that they can “learn by doing” in a real-world, work-life situation. Students will submit a report reflecting on their learning during the internship which will be evaluated. Structured feedback based on this evaluation will help prepare students for the second internship which will be for eight week during the second winter break (between third and fourth semester). The objective of the second internship help them build on the learnings from the first internship by providing an opportunity to learn by applying what they have learnt in the class-room and the field-engagements in an organisational set-up. Further, the second internship also aims to connect students with the networks of policy practice and organisations. As such the second internship is largely student-driven and is for 4 credits.

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