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Field Engagement

Rigorous field-engagements and internships have been designed as part of the programme to help students learn by observing how policy occurs in practice. The components are staggered so that students apply classroom learning and appreciate policy and governance problems and solutions from the ground upwards. It is organized by gradually expanding the scope of analysis from a narrow issue-based engagement to a broader research engagement – first, as a problem, then as an intervention, and subsequently a policy.

The first component, the Problem Framing Independent Project will help students learn about these domains through a ground level public problem. This exercise would involve identifying and framing a problem, describing the various groups for and against changing the problematic situation, mapping out the decision makers (and their solutions) and veto players, identifying the first set of enforcers, and finally, using all this information to arrive at a research design for future inquiry.

The second component, the group based Programme Internship aims at helping students to think about solutions to the problems (not necessarily those that they have framed in the preceding component). Students will work in groups as interns with the help of host organizations. This is an on-site project, proposed, designed and delivered in collaboration with the host organization. Such projects are conceived and designed over several months collaborating with host organizations and faculty mentors, before they are followed through an on-site group based internship.

The third component, the Policy and Governance Fellowship aims at helping students to undertake policy analysis or governance research to generate change at the policy level. Students will undertake independent projects with organizations of their choice whereby they can either be a part of a larger in house research group or design a project for a specific organization.

This summer, students will intern with organizations like Arghyam, Villgro, World Resources Institute, Integrated Village Development Project, Kinara Capital, Vikalp Labs and Pollinate Energy; working on projects in areas such as tribal development, rural governance, renewable energy, financial inclusion, water security, urban governance and public transport.

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