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Other Collaborative Projects

In the course of their work within their states and districts, the field institutions engage in several projects / interventions that require substantial academic expertise that may not be available at the district levels. The access to academic expertise at the University provides them this resource. Such active collaboration immensely contributes to the quality of these projects.

Typical projects of this nature are:

  • Design and Development of Teacher Education Curriculum at the State Level
  • Head Teacher Capacity Enhancement Frameworks
  • Textbook Review / Development

This opportunity to collaborate has also led to several other interesting experiments with the field members and faculty coming together.

Such initiatives include :

  • Exploring the role of Gram Panchayat in improving, sustaining, and innovating for quality school education
  • School Health Programme : Equipping schools to monitor and measure student health indicators, as a collaborative project with the Health and Nutrition team at the University

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