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The second MANTHAN was held from 21st to 24th August, 2013 in Bangalore. MANTHAN 2013, explored opportunities for broad theme-based papers on completed and ongoing research, multiple forms of research presentations (oral and poster presentation) and research workshops.

The first three days of the annual research conference were devoted to research presentations and plenary sessions. The fourth day of the conference had a series of workshops on a range of subjects that strengthen research.

MANTHAN 2013 invited students to participate in the annual research conference. Some students presented their work (oral and poster presentation) while others attended the conference as participants.

Plenary Session

Three plenary sessions were held :

  • Leadership and Management in Education
  • Learning and Classroom Processes
  • Livelihood and Development
  • Research at the Interface Between Health Systems & Community
  • Schools, Systems and Community
  • Policy and Educational leadership
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teaching Processes in Science and Mathematics
  • Field Realities in Nutrition and Health

Video Presentation: A film on ‘Perspective of Research in Azim Premji Foundation’

Research workshops

Following six workshops were held on Day Four of the conference:

  • Introduction and orientation on the use of open source software QGIS (for map data visualization) and R ( for data analysis)
  • Understanding the concepts, the importance and uses of KAP studies with examples
  • Hands-on training on using some of the more useful features of EXCEL
  • Build skills in Literature Review, writing Research Proposals and Academic Discourse of research writing
  • Sensitize and enable participants to look through the gender lens while working on research projects.

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