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Manthan 2012

Azim Premji University Research Centre held the first annual research conference- ‘MANTHAN’ (Meet Annually Think and Analyze) in July (3-5), 2012.

MANTHAN 2012 consisted of 3 plenary sessions in the form of panel discussions.


The equity panel brought out different frameworks for looking at equity – frameworks ranging from the legal, through social, economic and personal. Some frameworks focused on the notion of equality and some talked of equity. The theory-practice linkage discussion brought out multiple views. One set of views was that there is no difference between theory and practice; both are inextricably linked to each other. At the same time, the other thought was that both have their own spaces and can be independent of the other.


One significant point that emerged from this discussion was that the theory-practice linkage has to be looked at not in abstraction but referenced to the organization’s intent.


The constructivism panel brought out the view that it is not a theory of teaching; rather, it is a theory of learning. The discussions built on and extended into one another with constructivism as an overarching epistemological concept, a theoretical construct and as a theorization of learning. The presentations stressed on the need for making pedagogy based on these theories of learning to be more nuanced and to evolve its own contours.

MANTHAN 2012 saw 52 presentations by 71 participants in three parallel sessions spread over three days. The broad themes that these presentations covered are: Dimensions of Equity, Pre-service Teacher Education, Teacher Development, Dimensions of Education Policy, Education Leadership and Management, Centre Staging the Research Processes, Community and School Connect, Governance and Development, Technology in Education, Private-Public Partnership, Children and Learning, Curriculum and Pedagogy.

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