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Upcoming Webinars

Jan 20th, Wednesday

4.30 PM At Right Angles Webinar – The Height of a Tree
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The Silent Takeover of Labour Rights by Atul Sood


i wonder… Webinar - Pedagogy of dirty hands


Is there a Philosophy of ‘Joy-full-ness’? Abhinavagupta’s Reply by Mrinal Kaul





Learning Curve Webinar - COVID and Online Teaching


पाठशाला वेबिनार - लिखना सीखना: मुश्किल सफ़र के सुगम रास्ते


Farmers' Protests of the Punjab by Hartosh Singh Bal





At Right Angles Webinar - Summing V? Fun meets math here!


Migrant Workers During the Covid-19 Crisis: Constructive Efforts in Jharkhand


The Science Educator at Work




Jaat Dharma Baad De, Bhuka Pete Bhaat De: People's Struggle for Survival in the Time of Covid-19


Learning Curve: Meaning-Making: The Heart of a Language Classroom

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