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Access to Course material
  • List of courses being offered in Semester I and Semester III, beginning July 2018, with relevant Moodle links and details of the Course Instructor (name and email id) are hosted here.
  • A 2-week time window is provided for Alumni to make requests for access to particular courses. During this time, you will be required to write directly to the Course Instructor concerned (copy, with details of your interest and get approval for access to their course on the Moodle site. The last date for reaching out to us with approval for this Semester is August 24, 2018.
  • Once permission for access is granted, you will be enrolled as a guest user in the particular course with read only access for the semester. A step-by- step guide will be shared to facilitate your login to Moodle.
Library access
  • Alumni are free to visit the Foundation libraries across the country, Click here here for the list of addresses.
  • Annual membership for Alumni to the nearest library is possible with a Security deposit of Rs.1000 and an Annual fee of Rs.500.
  • Click here for the University membership policy and application form which has to be filled in and submitted to the closest library.

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