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Alumni stories

  • Class of 2018 - Sharing 7 inspirational Alumni stories in this special edition, presented to graduates at Sixth Annual Convocation on August 25th, 2018.
  • Alumni Stories – Part III - Student volunteers from the Class of 2018-20 shadowed Alumni in locations across the country, during their winter break. Here are 16 stories featuring Alumni at their work place.
  • Alumni Stories - Part II - 15 stories provide a glimpse into the world of the Alumnus featured, and bring us a greater understanding of their work.
  • Alumni Stories - 12 stories give us a glimpse of what our Alumni are engaged with today

Research and Publications



Rain Water Harvesting in Schools, Aditi Pravin Hastak, M.A. Development, 2012-14, and Shreyas, M.A. Development, 2014 -16 - This film showcases the positive impact of rain water harvesting systems set up by BIOME Environmental Trust in government schools struggling with water availability in rural Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The project is funded by Wipro Cares. The film is made by Goutham G Varrier, M.A. Development, 2011-13.

Education for the Girl Child, Mamta Kandari, M.A Development, 2013-15 - Mamta has been working with IIMPACT which focusses on education for the girl child. She works mostly with girl children of migrant labour who come to the 72 learning centres after school

Transformation of Marai Patan village, Maharashtra, Akshay Prakash, M.A Development, 2015-17 - Akshay Prakash worked in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra as a Chief Minister's Rural Development Fellow for a year. This short film highlights the transformation brought about by him in Marai Patan village, and has been officially released by the Government of Maharashtra.

North East Educational Trust, Risha Barooah, M.A. Development 2011-13 - Changing the notion of a library, Risha and team have interactive library sessions with children in a Government school, have gone forward to open a community library and are now looking at community outreach in rural Assam. The vision of a library as a fear-free environment that encourages students to express themselves is driving her work.

AYANG, Dharamjeet Kumar, M.A. Development 2014-16 - Dharamjeet Kumar co-founded Ayang, an organization that works towards providing quality school education to the Mishing tribe in Majuli, an island on the Brahmaputra which struggles between floods and erosion.

In Conversation with Seema Purushothaman, Faculty, School of Development, Jostine A, M.A. Development, 2013-15 - Jostine A. speaks with Seema Purushothaman about his journey from Kerala to Deosar, a small village in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh, where he has been working with PRADAN for the last 3 years.

Dviti Foundation, Amita Nizam, M.A. Education, 2014-16 - Amita Nizam has founded Dviti, a not for profit organization that works with children and teachers towards social and emotional learning.

Library for All, Yasin Khan, M.A. Development, 2011-13 and Kharingyo Shimrah, M.A. Development, 2014-16 - More than 74% of schools in Manipur do not have a library. Library for All believes that school libraries can bring systemic change towards quality education for an equitable society.

Gubbachi, a learning community, Joseph Deyone Jacobi, Nomita Wahi Sikand M.A.Education, 2011-13, and Rizwan Ahmed, M.A. Development, 2011-13, and Preethy Rao and Somya Suri, M.A.Education, 2012-14 - Gubbachi, a bridge school founded by five alumni of Azim Premji University works with children of migrant labour to keep them in school, and transition them into government schools. The film is made by Goutham, Alumnus, Class of 2011-13.


A Fish out of Water, Sushmita Patel, Master of Laws, 2017 - Adapted from the case study of Chilika lake, the video narrates the story of the decommonisation of a lake resulting from a multiplicity of factors. Made by three colleagues at the Foundation for Ecological Security (including Sushmita Patel, our alumnus) this video was declared as a runner-up at the competition hosted by the 1st International Association for Study of Commons, 2018.

The Solar Fix, Storyboard and Treatment, Felix Varghese and Goutham Varrier, M.A. Development, 2011-13 - Solar energy is transforming the lives of people around the world who live without access to electricity. But what happens to the solar revolution when technology breaks down? The Solar Fix is a short film that follows the afterlives of solar technology across three villages in the Indian state of Odisha.

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