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Career Opportunities

Central to realizing our vision is to see our Alumni engaged with the social sector and making contributions to the realization of a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. Keeping this in mind, the Alumni Office continually shares opportunities that our alumni can engage with, full time or on a part time basis, which may include employment opportunities, fellowships or internships that may be of interest. Training programmes and conferences that are relevant for continuous learning are shared as well.

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Wipro Education Grants

Wipro Applying Thought in Schools is Wipro’s social initiative in school education in India. Setup in 2001, this initiative originated from Wipro’s idea of Good Citizenship, which holds that a corporation’s ‘power to do good’ must manifest in a thoughtful and deliberate set of initiatives towards a social purpose. Education was chosen as the sphere of work because of its potential to be a fundamental enabler of social change. Within education, our focus is on school education.

What we do:

We support civil society organizations to work towards systemic reform in school education through

  • Grants to enable the organizations to do focussed on-the-ground work and build capacity
  • Facilitating an active community of educational organizations

Over the past 15 years, we have supported more than 50 organizations through over 100 educational projects and initiatives in diverse areas of education and built an active network of organizations working in school education across India. See our annual updates to know more about the work we have supported.

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