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Alok Pandurangi

Email: [email protected]

After degrees in engineering and cognitive science, Alok shifted gears to enter the education sector. His forays into school teaching in Allahabad and a stint at NCERT have allowed him to see the issues plaguing our education system from various angles, not to mention the magnitude of what any education policy must achieve in India.

At APU, he is a residential mentor to the undergraduate students and teaches music. He is also a part of the research grants team.

Academic Qualifications
  • B.Ed. (CIE, Delhi University)
  • M.Sc. (Cognitive Science, CBCS, Allahabad)
  • B.E. (Biotechnology, PESIT, Bangalore)


Areas of Interest

Education policy in India, Perceptions of education, How the brain understands music, Mathematics in music

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