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Financial Assistance: 2019-22

Financial Assistance: 2019-23

This is subject to revision on annual basis.

The University has an explicit commitment to build an inclusive and diverse student body. We offer extensive need-based scholarships (full and partial) to cover the Tuition Fee, Accommodation and Food charges.

Family income bands of up to 12 lakhs per annum will be considered for various categories of scholarship. While family income is an important criterion in deciding the quantum of scholarship, other socio-economic factors and circumstances will also be considered in scholarship decisions. Students requesting financial assistance should provide all the information requested in the Financial Assistance form.

The University reserves the right to award or reject financial assistance and its decision will be final and binding.

The financial assistance provided is in the following categories:

Types of Scholarship
  • Full waiver of Tuition fee, Accommodation and Food charges in exceptional circumstances
  • Full or Partial waiver of Tuition fee and Accommodation charge
  • Partial waiver of Tuition fee
  • 100% waiver on tuition fee waiver for 4th year.
Education Loans
  • The University will facilitate Education loans, through tie ups with banks. Students getting scholarship have the option of availing loans for the balance amount not covered by scholarships.
  • Non-scholarship students also can avail bank loans. These are open to all family income bands.
  • Students can apply for loan to cover tuition, accommodation and food charges. The actual loan amount to avail can be decided by students, parents / guardians.
  • In the case of students availing education loans, all documentation required by the bank should be provided by the students / parents / guardians. While University will assist the student in the loan process, University does not take responsibility for the sanction / disbursement of the loan. The final decision on the loan rests with the bank.
  • However, students are responsible to pay the tuition fees, student accommodation or any other amounts to the University on such due dates as communicated by the University.
Process of application for financial assistance

--Scholarship application: Candidates applying for Financial Assistance should fill in the Financial Assistance application form in full. The consent of the parent / guardian is required on the application form.

--Financial counselling: The University will conduct financial counselling during the interview process, to further understand and assess student needs. Parent or Guardians should be present for this.

--Candidates applying for financial assistance should furnish the supporting documents required at the time of interview. Applications from candidates who delay submission / do not provide required supporting documentation will not be considered. Hence, candidates are advised to start collecting the documentation required, as soon as they apply for admissions.

--Financial support applications after joining the programme will not be considered.


The University will require documentation to support the application for financial assistance. The following mandatory documents required pertain to the applicant's parents / guardian: Income Tax Payers (Salaried or Self Employed) Non Income Tax Payers

Income Tax Payers (Salaried or Self Employed) Non Income Tax Payers
Three year IT returns (Current + past two years: 2018-17, 2017-16, and 2016-15) Income certificate issued by the appropriate Government authority (Issued not earlier than December, 2018)
Bank pass book showing transactions from April 2018 till date Bank pass book showing transactions from April 2018 till date
Receipt of School Fees paid for the past two years Receipt of School Fees paid for the past two years

Other optional documents (These documents would help the verification process):
  • BPL Card where applicable
  • If opened an account under Jan-Dhan Yojana, please provide the pass book
  • Latest salary slip of salaried members of family (parents / guardian)
  • Form 16 issued by employer of salaried members of family (parents / guardian)
  • Form 16A issued by any entity providing details of income from profession
  • Certificate from school with respect to school fee
  • Proof of scholarship awarded for prior study (Certificate, letter, etc.)

Based on an initial verification of these documents, the University may ask for other documentation on a case to case basis. The University will do an independent validation and conduct background verification to ensure that the scholarships are provided to deserving candidates. Its decision in this regard will be final. In case the documentation provided to the University is found to be incorrect / falsified in any manner, any time during the programme, the University reserves the right to withdraw scholarship / admission offer and recover financial support provided.

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