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Working Professionals

Today, there are thousands of young people working in various sectors who are keen to contribute to social change in a meaningful way. Azim Premji University welcomes applications from candidates with prior work experience (in any sector), who have a genuine interest to contribute to a just equitable, humane and sustainable society, through their work.

Applications are invited from Working Professionals for the following programmes

We aim to provide an educational experience that builds good understanding of the domain, deep social commitment, capabilities for action and a Career in the Social Sector.

Financial assistance
  • Guaranteed 50% waiver on Tuition-fee for candidates with more than 3 years of work experience
  • Additional scholarships offered based on other financial criteria
The Social Sector need professionals with motivation and competency

The social sector today offers a variety of exciting career opportunities for students with a desire to contribute to the development of the country. The sector includes NGOs, research institutions, organizations working on policy advocacy and implementation, government and corporate social responsibility function of corporates.

These opportunities cut across a very diverse range of roles from “on the ground” interventions, program management, policy related work, teaching / capacity building, technology, legal work etc., each of these requiring specific competencies.

In addition, social entrepreneurs capable of innovative thinking are needed to ideate, create and implement path-breaking solutions to social problems.

It is evident that availability of talent in the education and development sectors in India today is grossly inadequate, given the scale, complexity of issues and the wide range of competencies required to work in the above areas. Azim Premji University’s Postgraduate Programmes aims to address this talent gap by preparing competent, motivated, socially committed graduates and enable them to engage with the social sector

Your work experience adds to the academic experience

The University values the work experience students bring, for many reasons:

  • Students with work experience bring a diverse range of views and ideas, based on their personal and work life experience, that add to the richness of classroom experience. Such sharing is an important part of learning at the University.
  • The work experience helps them guide other students with no prior experience, both academically as well as personally. This support is very useful for students who are fresh out of college.
  • Many elective courses offered are sectoral or theme based and students with work experience contribute to these through their skills and knowledge from their past work.
Career Opportunities in the Social Sector

The University has had a near 100 % placement record so far. All these career opportunities are well compensated and probably much more challenging and personally satisfying than opportunities in other sectors.

  • Over 1000 students, in five batches have graduated and almost all of them are currently engaged with the social sector, placed through the campus placement process. Almost 100 organizations visit the campus
  • The average compensation for students with work experience is around 30-35 K per month.
  • Many students also decide to pursue fellowships/ do higher studies in their area of interest.
  • The University also has an active social enterprise cell, that encourages students to be entrepreneurs
Facilitating admissions for students with work experience
  • We provide additional weightage in the interview process for applicants with work experience.
  • The University provides extensive scholarships in the form of fee waiver, both for tuition fees and accommodation &and food charges. The scholarships are based on the family’s income and not on the current earning of the student.
  • Educational loans are also facilitated by the University. The loans cover all expenses – tuition, accommodation and food charges. Students may take a full loan or part loan to pay for the expenses not covered by the scholarships.
  • Using a combination of scholarships and loans, it is possible for students to fully pay for their course expenses.
  • In addition, a limited number of project based assistantships are available on campus, where students work 10-12 hours per week and are paid monthly. This is particularly useful for students to support their day to day expenses.

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  • For me, it was personal Motivation. I worked for 5 Years in the area of Information Technology. Since my Interest was e-governance. I wanted to mix this with my IT background. I now wok as a consultant with the National Institute for Smart Governance in Hyderabad

    Vikash Madduri
    M.A. Development, 2014-16

  • The field work components of the program was the most useful. I genuinely felt I learnt more outside the classroom. Now that I am in a small NGO and handling project coordination and execution in 2 different cities - taking part in A-Z of the organizations’ activities - I feel the 2 years at APU was exciting

    Somesh S menon
    M.A. Development

  • I Work as Team Manager, Employment Creation for Justice and Care and taking care of Livelihood actvities for whole Bihar. It is very challenging job but I am happy that I got such Opportunity at my first Job. This is what APU gave me - the confidence and ability to plunge into grassroots social work. Also, Hard work, I learnt at APU to do hard work if want to be good at any place and that stayed!

    Jay Shankar Kumar
    M.A. Development 2011-13

  • Living aspiration, friendship and love through music make life at Azim Premji University beautiful. Here I found freedom in belonging

    Ritu Gopal
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014

  • If only life itself was amazing as it is at Azim Premji University. Or perhaps henceforth we could make it.

    Lavanya Murali
    M.A. in Education I Class of 2014

  • The intellectual storehouse that are the students and the faculty. Something we could tap into any time and come out satisfied and stimulated.

    R. Sridhar Rao
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014

  • It was in Gudalur, an amazing landscape in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, that I did my two week field immersion. The exposure to the vast share of unseen indigenous knowledge and culture of the Adivasi community in Gudalur was an exciting experience.

    Vijitha Rajan
    M.A. in Education | Class of 2012