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The selection process for the Postgraduate Programmes includes an Entrance Test and a Personal Interview.


Applicants will have to appear for the National Entrance Test that will assess the English Reading Comprehension, Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability and General & Social Awareness. The test will be conducted in various cities across the country.

National Entrance Test Structure

Part Section No of questions Question type Time
Part 1
Common for M.A. and LL.M. programmes
Reading Comprehension 20 Multiple choice 2 hours
Reasoning Ability 10 Multiple choice
Quantitative Ability 20 Multiple choice
General & Social Awareness 30 Multiple choice
Total Questions 80 Multiple choice
Part 2 Statement of Purpose
(Only for M.A. Programme)
1 Essay (500 words) based on the First Programme Preference 1 hour
Legal Essay (Only for LL.M. Programme) 1 1 out of 3 questions to be attempted

Note: The test pattern is subject to revision.

Click here for the dates of Entrance Test and Personal Interviews.

National Entrance Test Locations
Sl.No Venue Mode of Exam Venue address
1 Ahmedabad Offline TBD
2 Bengaluru Offline TBD
3 Bengaluru Online TBD
4 Bhopal Offline TBD
5 Bhubaneswar Offline TBD
6 Calicut Offline TBD
7 Chandigarh Offline TBD
8 Chennai Online TBD
9 Dehradun Offline TBD
10 Delhi Offline TBD
11 Delhi Online TBD
12 Guwahati Offline TBD
13 Hyderabad Offline TBD
14 Hyderabad Online TBD
15 Indore Offline TBD
16 Jaipur Offline TBD
17 Kolkata Offline TBD
18 Kolkata Online TBD
19 Lucknow Offline TBD
20 Mumbai Offline TBD
21 Mumbai Online TBD
22 Nagpur Offline TBD
23 Patna Offline TBD
24 Pune Offline TBD
25 Raipur Offline TBD
26 Ranchi Offline TBD
27 Sirsi Offline TBD
28 Thiruvananthapuram Offline TBD
29 Udupi Offline TBD
30 Visakhapatnam Offline TBD

*University has the right to Add/Delete the Test centre

*TBD - To be decided


Applicants shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the National Entrance Test will be called for a Personal Interview. Interviews will be conducted in various cities across the country.


S.No Venue Address
1 Ahmedabad TBD
2 Bhopal TBD
3 Mumbai TBD
4 Nagpur TBD
5 Bengaluru TBD
6 Calicut TBD
7 Hyderabad TBD
8 Chennai TBD
9 Dehradun TBD
10 Delhi TBD
11 Jaipur TBD
12 Lucknow TBD
13 Kolkata TBD
14 Bhubaneswar TBD
15 Guwahati TBD
16 Patna TBD

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