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Programme Overview

The Azim Premji University's postgraduate degree programmes aim to develop competent and committed
professionals for the education, development and related sectors in India.

Our postgraduate programme currently covers distinct themes Education, Development, Public Policy & Governance and Law - for which Masters degrees are being offered. The sub-themes listed under each theme are indicative and not restrictive.

Starting in July 2019 we are launching M.A.Economics with specializations in Development and Policy

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Education

    Education has many aspects such as curriculum design, pedagogy, policy, issues of equity and access, school management, education of teachers, design of learning materials, assessment and research, that deserve attention and serious study. M.A. Education is a broad-based Programme of study that includes theory, practice, research, policy and planning in education. It prepares students to the complex demands and imperatives for working in the education sector. They can look forward to roles in organizations working in the implementation of educational interventions, design and development of school teaching-learning materials, teacher education etc.
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  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Development

    Addressing India’s development challenges requires unique set of capabilities and knowledge. M.A. Development Programme offers students a broad understanding of these development challenges and capabilities to engage with these challenges at the level of theory, policy, programme and social actions. We aim to prepare individuals capable of informed and thoughtful development action, for successful careers in the Development Sector. They can look forward to variety of roles in organizations that work in the domains of livelihoods, health, urban issues, sustainability etc.
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  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Public Policy and Governance

    Understanding complex public problems and designing effective solutions for them are challenging tasks. The M.A. Public Policy and Governance (MPG) Programme is a highly practical and applied postgraduate programme grounded in social sciences, humanities and law, which will equip students with critical perspectives and technical competencies required to engage with the real world of governance. They can look forward to careers in policy analysis, program evaluation, policy implementation, policy advocacy, and a variety of related emerging spaces in government, non-government and private sectors.
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  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Economics

    The M.A in Economics is a uniquely designed programme to develop the next generation of Economists with the theoretical knowledge, and technical skills to perform high quality analysis, while at the same time being grounded in the institutional, developmental and ecological context of contemporary India.

    The programme will help students develop strong technical economic skills along with contextual understanding of development issues facing India.

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  • LL.M. in Law and Development

    The one year full time LL.M. in Law and Development will be a research and field intensive post-graduate programme in law. The programme includes mandatory courses on Law and Development, Law and Justice, Comparative Public Law and Legal Research Methods. Students may elect to do courses in a wide variety of fields (private and commercial law, human rights, tax law, livelihoods, environment and sustainability) and across a wide range of disciplines (economics, anthropology, political science, sociology, history and philosophy) offered at Azim Premji University. This programme is designed for students who seek to make a mark in the legal system, government, civil society, academia and the world of ideas.
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