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FEES: 2019-20

M.A. Education/M.A. Development/ M.A. Public Policy and Governance/ M.A. Economics

Category (In rupees) Per semester Per year
(2 semesters)
(4 semesters)
Tuition Fee 37,500 75,000 1,50,000
Accommodation and Food charges 64,000 1,28,000 2,56,000

*Accommodation and food charges may undergo revision on an annual basis.

Family income of less than Rupees 5 Lakhs per annum will be considered for various categories of scholarships.

LL.M. (Law and Development)

Category (In rupees) Per semester Per year
Tuition Fee 37,500 75,000
Accommodation and food charges 64,000 1,28,000

*Accommodation and food charges may undergo revision on an annual basis.

Family income of less than Rupees 5 Lakhs per annum will be considered for various categories of scholarships.

Women's accommodation

  • The University provides accommodation facilities for women in leased premises about 2 km from the campus.
  • Scholarships applicable for the Tuition, Accommodation and food will be mentioned in the offer letter.

Men's accommodation

  • For Men, the University will only help students find external accommodation closer to the campus.
  • Students may choose to avail this or find accommodation on their own. These facilities are not managed by the University.
  • Students eligible for scholarship will be provided a fixed monthly allowance based on the scholarship percentage to manage their accommodation and food.

Other points

  • Accommodation and food charges are applicable only for students allotted University provided accommodation. For others, only tuition fee is applicable.
  • Accommodation and dining charges are for the semester period only (not available during semester breaks) and cannot be split and charged separately. Accommodation and dining fee is subject to revision on an annual basis.
  • There is no other fee or deposit charged for library, IT facilities, examinations etc.
  • Fees are payable on a semester basis, within two weeks of the start of the semester.


Azim Premji University has an explicit commitment towards supporting disadvantaged students and provides extensive financial assistance to deserving students for pursuing higher studies. The following types of financial assistance are available:

Type Eligibility Range
Scholarships applicable for Tuition Fee and accommodation, food charges Family income of less than Rupees 5 Lakhs per annum 100 %, 70 % and 50 %
Working Professionals All Working Professionals with 3+ years of work experience after graduation Guaranteed 50% waiver on Tuition-fee for candidates with more than 3 years of work experience
University will help in facilitating education loan from banks All students Upto 100 % of tuition fees and accommodation, food charges
Project based Assistantships All students, based on available projects and selection. Students are expected to work on projects for about 10-12 hours per week Around Rs. 3000 per month.

Candidates getting part-scholarships (70%, 50 %) can choose to pay the balance fees on their own or take an Education loan. For example, in case of a

  • 50% scholarship, 50% own funds: Students have to pay 50% of the fee
  • 50% scholarship, 50% loan: No fee is payable directly. The education loan covers the balance 50% and will have to be repaid by the student to the bank, after they complete the programme

Scholarships: Details of income provided must include income from salary, pension, rent, agriculture, business, investments, commission and any other sources. The process of application for financial assistance is as follows

  • Scholarship application: Candidates, interested in availing a scholarship, must fill in details in the application form.
  • Financial counselling: The University will conduct financial counselling for scholarship applicants during the interview process, to further understand and assess their needs.
  • Candidates applying for financial assistance should furnish the supporting documents required at the time of interview. Applications from candidates who delay submission / do not provide required supporting documentation will not be considered. Hence, candidates are advised to start collecting the documentation required, as soon as they apply for admissions.
  • Request for financial support after joining the programme will not be considered.

Click here for Documents related to financial assistance

Eligibility does not guarantee scholarships. The University reserves the right to award or deny scholarships and the University's decision on this will be final and non-negotiable. The University will conduct its own verification of documents and due diligence. The final award of scholarships is based on several factors like family income, number of dependents, background verification, appropriate documentation proof, etc.

Education Loans: The University will facilitate Education loans for students through tie ups with banks. All students (with or without scholarships) can apply for Education loans, for tuition and accommodation fees. The Education loan requires a co-applicant, along with the student and the University only acts as a facilitator. It is the student's responsibility to make available all required documents to the bank. Loan repayment starts after completion of the programme and the repayment period is upto ten years.

Click here for more information on loan

Student Insurance

The University offers group insurance facility covering life, hospitalization and accident insurance. There is no additional charge for this.

Additional expenses

Some of the additional expenses students are likely to incur are as follows:

Fieldwork Type of expense University support
In all semesters Weekly one day practicum: This will involve bus travel, lunch during visits to institutions within Bangalore Students are expected to bear the expenses for the field work.

Only in very deserving cases of scholarship students, the University will consider funding for this.
Semester I Two-week field project which involves travel out of Bangalore, related stay and food expenses
Semester II and III This will involve travel to locations outside Bangalore for a period ranging from 4 - 8 weeks and expenses relate to travel, food and accommodation
Others Students may incur expenses on stationery and photocopy of reading material. In addition, students will have personal expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses.

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