10 year old child commits suicide due to fear of teacher

Despite the ban on coroporal punishment under the RTE, the Gautam Uchha Prathmik School in Nagpur disregarded two suicide bids by a 10 year old child due to fear of punishment by a teacher. The police report suggested that the child attempted to commit suicide twice soon after the teacher beat her. The Times of India reported that child set herself ablaze due to harassment and was finally declared dead. The authorities have promised that action will be taken against the teacher. The Ministry of Women and Child Development conducted a study in 2007 which found that two out of three children have faced corporal punishment in schools. The NCPCR has issued guidelines to affirm positive development of a child without resorting to corporal punishment. Studies have shown that corporal punishment has a negative impact on academic performance and social behaviour of the child. A greater emphasis on a ‘child firendly environment’ in schools may reduce such occurrences.

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