About Us

The Law Governance and Development Initiative believes that most recent analyses of India’s progress fails to recognize that the origin, structure and pathologies of government and the legal system in India are at the core of the problems of governance and development.The Initiative engages with the field of law, governance and development with a healthy skepticism towards instrumentalist claims about legal reform and with a view to develop the intrinsic values of a well-organized legal system. We primarily focus on the creation of new and relevant knowledge to reconfigure our intellectual understanding of the problems of governance in India and to examine the capacity of legal system reform to resolve these problems. The creation of new knowledge is carried out by teaching and research activities at the University as well as by a rigorous practical engagement with the activities of the Azim Premji Foundation and its Azim Premji University Resource Centres.

We have moved to http://www.azimpremjiuniversity.edu.in/spg/

* New blog posts, news updates, publications will be updated on the new website.