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Open courses form an integral part of the post-graduate programmes offered by Azim Premji University. These courses provide students with an opportunity to explore various fields of knowledge outside their regular curriculum. The University offers over thirty courses covering a wide range of subjects from literature, fine arts and history to popular themes of scientific interest. Open courses unfold in a relaxed, yet engaging mode so that the students’ imaginations and critical abilities find more creative expression, enabling them to make lateral connections with their mainstream curriculum. The open courses are taught by accomplished and experienced individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including experts invited from outside the University.

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  • Living aspiration, friendship and love through music make life at Azim Premji University beautiful. Here I found freedom in belonging

    Ritu Gopal
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014

  • If only life itself was amazing as it is at Azim Premji University. Or perhaps henceforth we could make it.

    Lavanya Murali
    M.A. in Education I Class of 2014

  • The intellectual storehouse that are the students and the faculty. Something we could tap into any time and come out satisfied and stimulated.

    R. Sridhar Rao
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014

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    It was in Gudalur, an amazing landscape in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, that I did my two week field immersion. The exposure to the vast share of unseen indigenous knowledge and culture of the Adivasi community in Gudalur was an exciting experience.

    Vijitha Rajan
    M.A. in Education | Class of 2012