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Ideas in Education

Riding Singularities with Second Half Technologies: Vijay Chandru, Chairman, Strand Life Sciences

Gender Differences in STEM Courses and Careers: Kamala Mukunda

India's 3E Regime : Challenges and Opportunities in Employment, Employability and Education: Manish Sabharwal

Building Systemic Leadership to Transform Education: Aditya Natraj

Engaging Students in Science with Art, Physics and Literature: Arthur Eisenkraft ( Public Lecture)

Meaningful interventions in Primary Education (Part I): K. K. Subramaniam

Meaningful interventions in Primary Education (Part II): K. K. Subramaniam

Importance of Professional Network & Research in Education : Indu Prasad

School Education in 21st Century : Fernando Reimers

Philosophy of Education : Seminar

PoE Seminar 2014

The Assessment of Professional Knowledge : Christopher Winch

Epistemic Knowledge and Democratic Politics : Elizabeth Rata

Liberalism and Religion: On Separation and Anticlericalism: Sebastian Rudas Nyara

PoE Seminar 2013

Empirical Research in Education: Why Philosophy Matters : Robin Barrow

Teacher Education: Foundational vs Integrated approaches : Rohit Dhankar

Aims of Education: Philosophical Issues for Educational Research : Richard Pring

Learning Culture: School as Cultural Learning and Person formation : Padma Sarangapani

Philosophy of Education in Teacher Education Syllabi in India : Avinash Kumar

Embodiment, Well Being and Education : Venu Narayan and Rajesh K

Reflecting on J Krishnamurti's Educational Challenge : Alok Mathur

Indian Experiences with Science : Sundar Sarukkai

Education Reform and Philosophy of Education : Mina O'Dowd

Aims: Decision in National Education System : John White

Education, Human Development and Teaching : Krassimir Stojanov

Education, Human Development and Teaching : Krassimir Stojanov


Community Monitoring of the RTE Act: Impact of a Unique Pilot : Kiran Bhatty

Beyond Right to Education: Sachidanand Sinha

Teachers Training

Teacher Motivation: Anurag Behar

Capacity Development Among Teachers: Anurag Behar

Teacher Student & Community : Indu Prasad

Pre-service Teacher Training : Indu Prasad

Motivation and skills among teachers : Anurag Behar

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    The intellectual storehouse that are the students and the faculty. Something we could tap into any time and come out satisfied and stimulated.

    R. Sridhar Rao
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014