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The University provides student accommodation for both men and women. We believe that student experiences at the accommodation premises are a significant part of their learning to live in a community and learn. We would like to emphasise a culture of community rather than the individual. A spirit of care for each other, cooperation and adjustment is expected from all students.

Key information related to the accommodation premises are as below

  • The capacity available is limited and the University cannot guarantee accommodation availability
  • Students request for accommodation, while filling in the application form and students on scholarships will be given preference in allocation
  • These are leased premises (separate for men and women students), located about 2-3 KMS from the campus, with transportation provided.
  • Rooms are 2, 3 or 4 occupancy with individual cots and shared wardrobes. Single occupancy rooms are not available
  • Washing machines, iron boxes in the common area (shared by all students)
  • Common study room and dining area
  • Round the clock security services and ambulance service
  • Limited internet connectivity
  • Breakfast and dinner provided at the accommodation premises and lunch at the University campus.
  • Food and Transport provided only during the semester period; during mid-semester breaks/ internship and field project days, there will be no provision for food and transport.
Student Accommodation Governance
  • All students are required to abide by the Student accommodation guidelines in place. They will be required to sign the accommodation guidelines as part of the joining formalities. Click here for Student Accommodation guidelines.
  • The "Student Residence Committee" comprising of elected student representatives and faculty mentors is responsible for the overall wellbeing and adherence to the guidelines.
Accommodation charges
  • Click here for details on fees and financial assistance

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